IRCTC Train Enquiry Services

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Indian Railways is the world’s fourth-largest and busiest railway network, with a network of more than 30,000 stations. The Indian Railways, known as the “lifeline of the country,” transports more than 10,000 train passengers every day. Because of this, it is critical to give accurate and convenient train inquiry information to rail passengers who travel to and from different areas of India on a daily basis.

Passengers often contact the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) with questions concerning their trains and the purchase of rail tickets. Inquiries regarding trains operating between stations, live train running status, train PNR status (which includes arrival and departure times), train seat availability (which includes train timetables), and ticket pricing are some of the most often asked questions concerning Indian railways.

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With the introduction of digitalization by the Indian Railways, you will no longer be required to wait in a long line in order to obtain information about your train inquiry. You may quickly obtain rail information on your mobile device through SMS, phone calls, train applications, and websites.

Passengers on Indian Railways may instantly learn about their rail inquiries as well as the most recent information by calling the Indian Railway train enquiry numbers listed below.

How to Make a Train Enquiry with the Indian Railways?

Passengers can seek a response to their train-related questions by contacting:

  • Sending an SMS to the railway inquiry number 139 is one of the methods.
  • Dial 139 to reach the rail inquiry line on your mobile phone.

Information about online railway inquiries is available through websites and train enquiry mobile applications.

1. Indian Railway Enquiry Services through SMS (Short Message Service).

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Customers can access information regarding railway inquiries such as train PNR status, train seat availability, train arrival and departure times, delay and live running status, among other things, by sending an SMS to the number 139 from their mobile phones.

Learn about the SMS format for making a train reservation inquiry.

1. Enquiry into the status of an IRCTC PNR by SMS.

Format: PNR <10 Digit PNR Number>.

For example: PNR 2985879690.

irctct PNR status 139

2. Sending an SMS to check on the train’s arrival or departure.

Format: AD <Train No.><STD code of Station>.

For example: AD 90587 4587.

3.Inquiry through SMS regarding seat availability in the General Quota.

Format: <SEAT Train Number><Date of Journey (DDMMYY)><Source Station’s STD Code><Destination Station’s STD><Class of Travel><Quota>< Format: SEAT Train Number><Date of Journey (DDMMYY)><Source Station’s STD Code><Destination Station’s STD>

For example: SEAT 12129 025325 080 025 CC G.

4. SMS Inquiry for Seat Availability in the Tatkal Quota System

irctc sms service train status

Format: <Train Number><Date of Journey (DDMMYY)><Train Number><Source Station’s STD Code><Destination Station’s STD Code><Train Number><Class of Travel>TSEAT is the standard format.

For example: TSEAT 12069 025745 080 025 3A

5. Inquire through SMS about the current train running status.

Format 1: SPOT <Train No>

For example: SPOT 11871

Format 2: LOCATE <Train Number>.

For example: LOCATE 99541.

6. Indian Railway Time Table Enquiry through SMS

Format: SCHEDULE <Train Number>

For example: TIME 11541

7. Train Schedule Inquiry Via Text Message

Format: SCHEDULE <Train Number>

For example: SCHEDULE 11541

8. Enquiry for Train Route by SMS.

Format: ROUTE <Train number>

For example: ROUTE 12351.

9. Train Fare Inquiry through Text Message

Format: FARE <Train no.><Date of Journey (DDMMYY)><Source Station’s STD Code><Destination Station’s STD Code><Class of Travel*>Quota**>

For example: FARE 12069 025745 080 025 2A G

10. Inquiry for the Next Train by SMS

Format: TN <Train Name> or TN <Train No.>

For instance: NEXT 033 0612.

11. SMS Enquiry for Train Name or Train Number

Format: TN <Train Name> or TN <Train No.>

For instance: <TN DANAPUR EXPRESS> or <TN 12351>


2. Railway Enquiry Number of the Customer Care Executive

If you are concerned about “how can I call railway enquiry from mobile?” and would like to speak with a customer care executive from the Indian Railways, you can dial the 139 number of rail enquiry on your mobile phone and follow the steps listed below: Dial 139 number of rail enquiry on your mobile phone

  • On a mobile phone, dial the 139 rail inquiry number.
  • Select your desired language from the menu.
  • To speak with a customer service representative from Indian Railways, press star (*).

3. Train Enquiry on the Indian Railways Website

Through approved websites, Indian Railway train enquiry services may also be accessed through the internet. It is a simple and dependable technique to check for train information on the official websites and mobile applications of the Indian Railways.

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4. Train Enquiry through Phone with the Indian Railways

Additionally, train passengers can contact railway enquiry no. 139 from their mobile phones to receive an answer to their specific train inquiry using the Indian Railways Interactive Voice Response (IVR) services, in addition to sending SMS.

The mobile phone number 139 may be used to inquire about trains throughout India.

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All vital information concerning Indian railroads services, such as train PNR status enquiries, arrival and departure enquiries, train seat availability enquiries, etc. may be obtained simply dialling 139 from any phone in the country. If you have any questions about trains, you may also speak with a customer service representative.

Call the 139 Train Enquiry Number, which is the Menu of Railway Train Enquiry.

To receive information about your trains on your mobile phone, call 139 from your phone and select your favourite language by doing so:

  • Pressing 1 will bring up Hindi.
  • Pressing 2 will bring up English language.
  • Pressing 3 will bring up a list of regional languages.

Then, after selecting your favourite language, press 2 to get train information for all Indian railway lines.

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The following are the telephone instructions for railway inquiries:

For IRCTC PNR status, press 1 and carefully input the ten-digit PNR number that was provided to you.

Train arrival, departure, cancellation, and diversion status may be obtained by pressing the number 2 button and following the on-screen instructions.

  • To check for seat availability, press 3 and follow the on-screen instructions.
  • To inquire about fares, press 4 and follow the on-screen instructions.
  • Train tickets may be purchased with credit and debit cards as follows: Press the number 5 key and follow the on-screen directions.

The following procedure must be followed in order to cancel reserved Indian railway train tickets: Press 6 and follow the instructions.

  • Press 7 to get a wake-up call or a destination alert, then follow the on-screen instructions.
  • Press 8 to begin the process of reserving wheelchairs at a railway station. Follow the on-screen instructions to reserve wheelchairs at the railway station.
  • To make a reservation for meals on the train, press 9 and follow the on-screen instructions.