What Is PNR Status?

What Is PNR Status

PNR is a 10-digit number that represents Passenger Name Record. It is an important number that is doled out to each reserved train ticket by Indian Railways. PNR Status implies the current status of a booked train ticket for example regardless of whether it is affirmed, waitlisted, or RAC (Reservation Against Cancellation). It gives traveler’s essential data like name, age and sex, date of the excursion, train subtleties, and ticket booking status.

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Really look at PNR Status

Enter the 10-digit PNR number. It will give the current PNR status of your booked train ticket with traveler and train subtleties. For the tickets booked by Indian Railways reservation counters, you will find the PNR number at the upper-left corner of the ticket. PNR of the tickets booked online (also called etickets) can be seen at the top of your ticket. On ixigo, you can undoubtedly take a look at PNR Status in Hindi to get to the most recent data of your booked ticket. It saves you a ton of problems, without a doubt.

Just restricted seats are accessible in a train so it’s impractical to give affirm pass to each reserving. Indian Railway train ticket booking framework gives CNF (Confirmed) and RAC (Reservation Against Cancellation) status when tickets are free and the appointments made after that are given waitlisted status. Waitlisted tickets get affirmed altogether provided that any of the CNF/RAC tickets gets dropped. Particularly when you have a waitlisted ticket, following the Indian railway PNR status live turns out to be much more fundamental.

Other travel subtleties like mentor number, compartment number, and billet type are given provided that the booked ticket status is CNF (Confirmed).

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Kinds of PNR Status

Here is the diverse PNR status types are given:

  • CNF – implies affirmed. The pass status shows as CNF when seats are affirmed.
  • RAC – represents Reservation Against Cancellation: the train ticket has an affirmed seat yet stands by recorded billet. Assuming the tickets are reserved under RAC status, the distributed billet must be parted into two seats.
  • CAN – It implies Cancelled for example ticket has been dropped.
  • LW – Waiting List is a ticket status that gets affirmed provided that the travelers on a similar train who have booked before you drop their ticket.
  • GNWL – General Waiting List. The likelihood of this ticket status getting affirmed is exceptionally high.
  • PQWL – Pooled Quota Waiting List status is given when a traveler is going from the beginning station to a station shy of the last station, or from a middle station to the last station, or between any two moderate stations.
  • RLWL – Remote Location Waiting List implies a ticket has been given to a traveler for halfway stations (between the beginning and ending station). These halfway stations are generally the main towns on the course specifically.
  • TQWL – Tatkal Quota Waiting List. This is the sitting tight rundown for tatkal tickets. The tickets in Tatkal get affirmed straightforwardly, rather than going through RAC. Anyway, during graph readiness, GNWL is liked over TQWL.
  • NOSB – It represents NO SEAT BERTH which means venture is permitted without a seat. This is assigned to youngster travelers beneath age 11 years.

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Train PNR Status Check Via SMS

You can send a message to Indian Railways number 139 for PNR Enquiry. Simply type the 10 digits (without dash) and send it to 139. You can likewise send the SMS to 5676747. You would get the refreshed PNR data in your telephone inbox. Kindly note that the message you send costs you Rs. 3 for every SMS.

What does a PNR number clarify?

PNR number holds different data identified with the train venture.

Traveler Details – Age, Name, Birth Preference, Sex.

Ticket Details – Train Number, Origin/Source Station, Date of Journey, Boarding Station,  Destination Station,  Berth, Class, Admission, Quota, Payment Details, and Transaction Type

The first digit relies upon Zone of the Train, w.r.t. beginning station of the train.

The last seven digits are haphazardly created numbers utilizing the Rand() work. These numbers address no data about the ticket or excursion in that capacity. They just give uniquness to the PNR number.

How to enquire about PNR status?

Open ixigo’s PNR status checker, enter your PNR number, click actually take a look at status.

Alternate ways of enquiring about PNR status are:

  • Current reservation status actually look at utilizing SMS
  • Portable applications
  • Railway inquiry counters at the railway station

PNR number keeps going at least multi-month. This is on the grounds that the TDR documented can take a limit of 9 months. It is then eliminated from the data set.

What Is PNR Status?
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