Top 7 Indian Rail Routes

indian rail goa express

1. Goa Express


  • Vasco da Gama (Goa)
  • Londa (Karnataka)

This train crawls past Goan seashores as families sprinkle in the water, companions visit in groups by the track, and the smoke from late evening time cooking drifts into the carriages. Radiant pink blooms hang so close you can really connect with them as the train cuts straight into the core of Goan town life. As it moves toward the Western Ghats, the train speeds up through the thick wilderness, embracing the bends of the mountainside. Look out for cascades somewhere far off, which increment as the trees flimsy and the view goes to profound valleys and pinnacles. On the way to deal with Londa, the sun ought to simply be setting which gives the unusual red dirt environmental elements a foreboding gleam.

indian rail goa express

2. Dibrugarh Rajdhani Express


  • New Jalpaiguri (West Bengal)
  • Tinsukia
  • Ledo (Assam)

Beginning in West Bengal, the super-quick Rajdhani arrives at Assam in the blink of an eye, with immense stretches of emerald green paddy and tea estates on the two sides. In contrast to south India’s moving plant life, this scope is totally level. As sunsets, the train clears past the Brahmaputra stream on the way to deal with Guwahati and creeps through the city’s ghettos. Jump off the means and you’ll land in somebody’s cooking. From Tinsukia, the morning traveler train impacts through a sensational scene prior to showing up toward the finish of the track having crushed past the backs of individuals’ homes so intently you can perceive what they’re having for breakfast.

3. Nizamuddin Duronto Express


  • Pune (Maharashtra)
  • New Delhi

One of another modest bunch of relentless express trains associating significant urban areas, the Duronto Express from Pune to Delhi cuts six hours off the ordinary 26-hour venture. It covers a phenomenal route with the most fluctuated geography and the installed administration is astounding. From 11 am until dusk, the train trundles past waterways, deserts, mountains, and towns and close by pyramid-like salt hills drying in the daylight. Shiny new Durontos – signifying “fast” in Bengali – offer scrumptious dinners remembered for the ticket value, top-notch neatness, new insides, and a sleeker plan for understanding lights, telephone attachments, compartments, and jug holders. The additional advantage is that the trains are likewise derailment-confirmation.

4. Mandovi Express


  • Madgaon (Goa)
  • Mumbai

Sandwiched between the Sahyadri slopes on the east and the Middle Eastern Ocean on the west, the Konkan Railway is a staggering route up to Mumbai that embraces India’s southwest shore. The English considered its development however deserted the overwhelming undertaking, passing on it to the Indians to drill through mountains, cross many waterways, and construct 92 passages and 2,000 extensions – of which the Panvalnadi span is right now the most elevated viaduct in India. The train entryways are typically left open on this amazing excursion that takes you through sunlit paddy fields fixed with coconut and mango trees, little towns overflowing with wildflowers, and over perpetual stretches of water driving out to the ocean.

Indian Maharaja Deccan Odyssey


5. Indian Maharaja Deccan Odyssey


  •  Mumbai
  •  Delhi

When the leader of India’s railways, the Royal residence on Wheels has now been ousted by more youthful family members. The exquisite Indian Maharaja Deccan Odyssey associates Mumbai and Delhi through Rajasthan and is the nearest choice to voyaging like the Rajput rulers once did – so it’s not modest. It is feasible to cover a similar route by traveler train, however as most neighborhood trains are for the time being sleepers without cooling, you lose the appeal and excellence of the view. During the day, you can go tiger-spotting in Ranthambore, visit the quickly disintegrating caves at Ellora and Ajanta and go through an evening at the Taj Mahal. Installed exercises incorporate watching Octopussy from under a goliath duvet, eating in a decision of two marvelous vehicles, perusing some Kipling in the parlor, or tasting Bombay Sapphire gin while the brilliant red radiance of the Thar desert impacts by.

6. Island Express


  • Kanyakumari (Tamil Nadu)
  • Trivandrum (Kerala)

Kanyakumari, the southernmost tip of India and a consecrated where three seas meet, is an incredible highlight start an undertaking on the railways. The Island Express leaves at 10.30 am and requires a little more than two hours to arrive at Trivandrum. As it crawls through thick plant life, firmly stuffed palm trees, and long lush borderlines, common of Kerala, the trainloads up with a cool lemony-green tint – so sit in everyday class to ensure a decent view from the entryways and open windows. Goliath creepers hang down from the wilderness-like region and if you cautiously examine between, you’ll see little places of worship and houses painted like sugared almonds, women banging washing, and men crouching around and around playing a card game.

Himalayan Queen kalka shimla

7. Himalayan Queen


  •  Kalka (Haryana)
  •  Shimla (Himachal Pradesh)

India’s really little meter-measure railway – popular for its 102 passages, 87 scaffolds, and 900 bends – was implicit in 1903 when English women would disappear from the hotness and “summer” in Shimla. However, it’s fantastic to see the train utilized by suburbanites and those selling their products all over the slope, instead of working exclusively for camera-employing sightseers. As Shimla approaches, plantations sprout with minuscule red blossoms, and dainty streams of water running down edges recommend that post-storm, cascades should be overflowing. Cows as often as possible wait on the track, however, the train stops consistently on the way in any case so travelers can bounce off to stand around and appreciate tea and hot pakoras.