Railway Reservation – The Best Way to Plan the Perfect Trip in India

railway reservation

Even the most spontaneous of tourists should take into account that making a railway reservation might be their only chance of having a perfect trip in India.

The country is so vast and there are so many places that are worth visiting, that you will probably be on the move a large part of your visit here. It would be a shame to miss any of the spectacular monuments or vibrant cities, just because you were not able to secure proper transportation.

India has one of the longest railway networks in the world, but also one of the busiest, so having secured proper reservations in advance is almost mandatory, especially if you plan a large number of visits throughout this marvelous land. No matter if you are interested in historical sites, religious landmarks or seeing the spectacular landscapes of the Himalaya Mountains, there are routes and trains available for any destination.

When is the best moment to make a railway reservation?

 railway reservationWell, the best moment, would be as soon as you decide where you want to go. You can use the IRCTC to book your trips online. You will receive a ten digit number, called your PNR status that will allow you to check you railway reservation and even book additional features like a seat, a sleeper or choose a compartment with air conditioning.

It is extremely easy and safe to plan your trip in advance by using this dedicated website, so you shouldn’t hesitate to use it. If you change your mind or if, for some unforeseen reason, you are not able to go through with your trip, the site also offers you the possibility to cancel your tickets in due time and get a refund. ¬†Besides good deals for tourist trains, the IRCTC web page offers information on tour packages, hotels and other valuable details and allows you to make additional bookings for accommodation, cabs or flights.

What are the main benefits of making a railway reservation in advance?

There are several benefits of booking online in due time. First of all, you will be able to plan your itinerary in advance and make sure that you will get to visit all the objectives that are of interest to you. Second of all, you will be sure to travel comfortably and in the conditions chosen by you.

It is possible to get a railway reservation even at short notice, but it is highly unlikely that you will be able to choose your car or your seat if you do that. There is also the added benefit of getting a discounted fare, although train tickets are not expensive when traveling with Indian railways; booking with at least 90 days in advance is a sure way to get a better price and save money. If you plan to go on multiple trips while you are here, this might mean a significant amount.

online reservation form sampleYou can book a ticket on any train or any route available, but there are also dedicated tourist trains that will take you to the greatest monuments in India and through the most spectacular landscapes. There is a large variety of options offered, from one day train trips to packages varying from 5 to 18 days, taking you to some of the most interesting places in the country and offering sleeping accommodations, vegetarian meals, tour buses for sightseeing the areas, tour escorts and security arrangements. All the conditions are provided for you to have a truly wonderful experience when visiting India.

If we have managed to convince you to use our extensive train network when visiting India, please make sure to make the necessary railway reservation in due time, to get the best deal and the greatest travel experience.