IRCTC Online Ticket Booking Rules and Process

Online Train Booking Reservation or e-Ticket

IRCTC online ticket booking works with you helpingĀ  to drop your e-Tickets in the correct way, move the ticket to a family member, change the voyager name, and benefit a couple of other e-Ticket booking organizations.

IRCTC tickets booking

How Should I Book IRCTC e-Tickets?

IRCTC, a site of Indian Railways, assists travellers with booking e-Tickets successfully with a simple to-utilize interface. IRCTC is a helper of Indian Railways that regulates online ticket booking organizations through two phases:

Official site, IRCTC Cutting edge e-Ticketing Framework

A versatile application, IRCTC Rail Associate

These two are the vitally Indian Railway’s official stages for IRCTC online train booking. Regardless, some train booking applications and destinations grant you to book train e-Tickets on the web. These applications and regions book tickets through IRCTC.

What Information Does an IRCTC e-Ticket Contain?

The IRCTC e-Ticket is a completed detail of your outing and individual information.

The information showed in the IRCTC e-ticket are:

  • PNR number
  • Train name/number
  • Source station
  • Target station
  • Boarding station
  • Booking trade ID
  • Ticket booking date
  • Date of trip
  • Train travel class
  • Travel share
  • Concession, expecting to be any
  • Name, age, and sexual direction of voyager/s
  • Booking status
  • Booked flight time
  • Ticket cost
  • Seat/compartment number
  • Coach number
  • Food tendency (for Rajdhani, Shatabdi, etc)
  • Travel procedure nuances, etc

irctc home book ticket

How to Book e-Tickets through the IRCTC Site?

To book IRCTC e-Tickets, you ought to have an enlisted ID of an IRCTC account. Only an online registered customer can make rail line ticket booking on the web.

Do the going with for online train booking reservations through IRCTC as follows:

  • Login to IRCTC using your accreditations (Enrolled ID and your secret password).
  • The mission for your trains by entering your beginning stage and target stations in the “From-To” space and pick the best date of your journey.
  • Check the train seat openness and proceed with “Book as of now” button to book tickets on a train by picking your class and sharing.
  • Fill in your detailed information mindfully by giving your name, age, sexual direction, billet tendency, and food tendency. Then, click on ‘Continue To book’ around the completion of the page.
  • Proceed with IRCTC ticket booking via internet using different modes for payments like charge cards, Visas, net banking, modernized wallets, etc
  • After completing the process, your ticket will be held.

The IRCTC web-based booking ticket confirmation page will be shown.

How Would I Get an E-ticket?

You get the IRCTC e-ticket by:

  1. Virtual reservation message (VRM): an SMS is sent on your selected number.
  2. A booking certification mail is sent on your enlisted email ID.
  3. The process steps can be seen under ‘Booking History’ on the IRCTC site.
  4. For IRCTC train ticket printing, use the “Print Ticket” on the Electronic Reservation Slip.

irctc book ticket sample

How to Convey e-Tickets ?

After the completion of the booking, you will get the e-Ticket for your journey in different manners.

These include:

You can access through Electronic Reservation Slip.

Steps: IRCTC> My Account> My Exchanges > Booked Ticket History. You can take an IRCTC ticket printout and pass on it as proof of booking.

VRM: You will similarly get the mail to your enrolled mail ID with the booking nuances. The screen catch of this booking mail or screen catch of the e-Ticket displayed is called Virtual Reservation Message or VRM. It is recognized as a check of booking by Indian Railways.

You ought to have a photo check while get your E-ticket through centers, VRM, or SMS.

How to Drop Your e-Ticket bookings in IRCTC?

You can without a doubt drop your e-Tickets online through IRCTC. IRCTC’s site helps you with the decision to drop the e-ticket totally or to some degree.

By following these straightforward undertakings, you can make online IRCTC ticket clearing out:

  • Login to your IRCTC
  • Go to ‘My Exchanges’ and click on the ‘Booked Ticket History’ interface on the menu bar.
  • Go with comand ‘drop ticket.’
  • Select the particular ticket which is to be dropped and click on the ‘drop ticket’.
  • Select the checkbox before the traveller’s name you want to drop and tap on the ‘drop ticket’
  • A certification will be shown. Push the ‘OK’ button to confirm the train ticket.
  • Your ticket will get dropped successfully.
  • In case it is a to some degree dropped ticket, you will get another ER to show to the TTE during the train travel.

An assertion message for IRCTC e-ticket annulment will be sent on the enrolled adaptable number, and a confirmation mail will be sent on the email ID.

IRCTC e-ticket Abrogation Rules

Express rules bound the clearing out of e-Tickets:

  • An e-Ticket should be dropped on the web and isn’t allowed to be dropped through PRS counters.
  • Certified e-Tickets bookings can be dropped up to 4 hours before the train departure.
  • RAC and Waitlisted e-Tickets can be dropped up to 30 minutes before the booked departure.
  • After layout status, you can drop your web-based IRCTC train booking solely by archiving a Ticket Store Receipt or TDR.